Korean / Vietnam Memorial
A reminder of what our community can build
when we’re united…
One day, back in 2001, Doug Teuber was driving through Altoona when he hit the brakes. There, resting in someone’s front yard like a sleeping giant, was a stone weighing approximately 16 tons. Just what he needed.

Years later – after purchasing the stone from the homeowner for $175 and enlisting the help of numerous volunteers, including employees at John Deere Des Moines Works in Ankeny (who helped him transport the stone) and a young artist in Pleasant Hill – the rock became the centerpiece of a war memorial. Doug, who died in 2015, dedicated much of his time to maintaining and growing the memorial, which now includes a fountain, a mural, four bronze statues representing each service branch, and nods to the veterans of several American wars.

Up to 2015, people visiting the memorial would often see Doug, who served in the Army and Reserves. He was there for hours each week, pulling weeds and keeping the area pristine. Today, although Doug is gone, his work remains—offering a quiet place to reflect and meditate, while reminding ourselves what our community can build when we’re united.
Landmark Address:
Between HyVee and the Enabling Garden at 1100 1st Ave. South, Altoona
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